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Expenses Tracker + Widget!

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Expense tracker means money control. Gain full control over your spending. Save money wisely and without painful sacrifices, based on hard statistical data.How to approach the problem of "saving money"? This app provides a complete solution to track and monitor every single expense you make during the day.
This expense tracker does not only track expenses but simultaneously does expense categorization and statistics.Money saving can alone be difficult. Where to cut costs? How to cut costs so it doesn't hurt? This Expenses tracking app provides concrete and exact answers!This Expense tracker shows you exact statistics on each spending category! Making cuts is easy and sensible to your needs.Unlike other expense tracking apps this Expense tracker has clean and simple design, which is so efficient even older kids can understand and use.This Expense tracker runs smoothly on any Android phone without the need of Internet connection. This Expense tracker is completely offline and storesall your data on your phone only.The major benefit of using Expense tracker daily is that you get to understand the your spending habits and patterns. Without an Expense tracker thisis virtually impossible to achieve. If you keep track of 100% expenses you make, then you get an exact structure of your finances. Your decisions arethen based on reality not feelings. When it comes to money you should always rely on hard data and avoid any subjective tensions.One of major features of this Expense tracking app is the integrated Widget. A widget is a small form accessible directly on your home-screen. With awidget you can enter expenses without even opening the main app. Entering expenses becomes an one-click event.
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